About me (english)

Jannis Große is a freelance photo and video journalist and currently based in Hamburg and Freiburg.

From an early age I started to take pictures - especially nature and landscapes. At the age of 14 I started to get involved politically. During school, my interest in political issues grew and I got involved in various organizations like Greenpeace Youth. In the process, I discovered my interest in documenting political actions with the camera.

The documentation with photo and video became more and more important to me and over time and my interest in journalism grew. In September 2016, I began to study Media Communication (B.A.) in Salzgitter, expanding my theoretical and practical knowledge of journalism and PR. At the beginning of 2019 I moved to Hamburg where I do two internships at Spiegel Online and NDR. as part of my studies.

Since early 2016, I work as a freelance photo, video and multimedia journalist - initially for small online portals, now also for daily newspapers, magazines and several other media. Today, I offer my photos via the photo agency Imago Stock & People.

Pictures by Jürgen Baumeister and Lars Klemmer




For me, there are three main aspects of journalistic work:
1. Identify social / political / economic / ecological problems and initiate discourses.
2. Representing how people live, what they burn for and how they see the world.
3. Draw attention to the diversity and beauty of our planet.

Never underestimate the power of pictures.